Black Cow is the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce Kanto-style Sukiyaki – still the most traditional way to enjoy beef in Japan. As wagyu cognoscenti, we procure only prime cuts of genuine Japanese Black Wagyu. Diners can sample the highly sought after Matsusaka Wagyu, which is produced under the most stringent standards.

Known for its exquisite marbling and unique tenderness, thinly sliced Matsusaka Wagyu is truly an indulgence when savoured with our Sukiyaki or signature Shabu Shabu.

Black Cow’s signature sukiyaki sauce is made fresh in house. We glaze the sauce with premium cuts of Wagyu beef fat in order to enhance its natural and unique umami flavour.

Sake lovers would be pleased to know that Black Cow carries a variety of sakes that are currently unavailable elsewhere in Singapore. We curate a selection of sake that includes the cult brand Juyondai as well as the highly prized Tatenokawa’s Komyo. We also carry the Dassai 39 and Dassai 23 labels, as well as the Dassai Centrifuge labels, which are made using a centrifuge instead of the traditional hydraulic press.

Aside from sake, we also offer a selection of biodynamic and organic wines for customers who prefer pairing Japanese food with wine.


Our passion lies in creating food that brings out the true flavour of fresh ingredients. We take pride in our farm to table approach. And we believe that good nutrition comes from seasonal food that is fresh and farmed naturally. That is why we never use MSG in our cooking. Instead, our chefs focus on using umami ingredients to bring out the unique flavours of every dish.

Maintaining close relationships with our suppliers and farmers is important to us. We travel frequently to understand how farmers tend to their produce, so we can ensure the integrity of the ingredients that go into our food.

We also believe in empowering our staff. Whether they are hard at work behind the scenes or front of house, we trust each one of them to ensure that our guests enjoy their dining experience.